Julian “Juju” Correa is 15yr old motorcycle road racer from Jupiter, Fl, USA. He is one of a handful junior racers that competed in full seasons abroad representing the USA.
Julian participated in the highly competitive British Talent Cup for 2022 leaving his home in March and returning in October finishing P12 out of 35 and being the ONLY AMERICAN TO PODIUM IN THE BTC! He continued that progress in 2023 adding more podiums and finishing 5th in the championship.

In 2021 Julian entered on his personal journey along the “Road to MotoGP” by competing in four rounds of the British Talent Cup finishing inside the top 15 in each appearance; best finish being 10th. In 2022, aboard the Microlise Cresswell Team, who holds multiple championships, he obtained multiple front row qualifiers and a 3rd place at the renowned Silverstone Circuit achieving the accomplishment of being the first American to podium in the British Talent Cup and the Road to MotoGP! In 2023, he added to that accomplishment with (2) 3rd place finishes and a (1) 2nd place finish. In 2023 he was also invited to the Redbull Rookies Cup Selection where he made it to the
final selection day of which he was in contention for being selected for the championship. He will be re invited for the 2024 selections.