John Cresswell, Team Principal

John heads up the team, working with sponsors, supporters and team members to keep Microlise Cresswell Racing developing its riders and performance.

Bob Harbey, Team Sponsor

Bob is Executive Director at telematics company Microlise, which sponsors the team, providing support to keep the team functioning and growing.

Alan Roberts, Crew Chief

Alan is second in command after John, the team principal. He supports John in all aspects of running Microlise Cresswell Racing, but also works closely with Asher Durham, our principal rider, offering advice and guidance as he progresses in his career.

Merve Richmond, Crew Chief – NFS Class

Merve is another team stalwart, focusing on Microlise Cresswell Racing’s participation in the NFS Class of racing where Elliott Pinson is our rider. Merve ensures the NFS side of the team runs smoothly and Elliott is equipped to perform well.

Daniel De Liquori, Head Mechanic

Daniel is our man that can, working diligently to keep our bikes out on track and performing well for our team riders.

Richard Dilks, Mechanic

Richard is a superb mechanic who works on the Mahindra bikes, supporting both Asher Durham and other riders. He has been with the team for a number of years, working diligently to keep the team’s bikes running smoothly at every race.

Ryan Haw, Trainee Mechanic

Ryan is a recent recruit to the team as a trainee mechanic. He works closely with Daniel and other engineers, learning the trade and working to ensure our bikes are well maintained and ready to roll at each weekend.

Sandy Groves, Logistics Manager

Sandy does a bit of everything at Microlise Cresswell Racing, but his role is ensuring everything is in place at each race weekend, from equipment to riders.

Jodie Shrive, Communications

Jodie is John’s daughter and can often be round supporting the team at race weekends. She looks after communications and social media activity, working in conjunction with the team from Microlise and with other team supporters.