James joined the team during the 2017 season, riding for the first time in round 4 at Knockhill.

After achieving 4th pace championship places in the 2013 and 2014 seasons, James stopped riding in 2015 after the first couple of rounds, but he has joined the Microlise Cresswell Racing roster in a return to the sport.

How did you get into motorbike racing?
My Dad is a former rider and my interest comes from him. I started riding in 2010 on mini-motos, but being quite late to the sport I had to progress quickly given I was competing against younger but more experienced riders.

I got into Moto3 in 2012 half way through the season before completing both the following seasons achieving 4th place championship finishes.

Favourite circuit?
Thruxton. I have found memories having been on the podium twice there, but I like it mainly because it’s a fast, flowing circuit that is fun to race.

Career highlight and why?
In 2014 at Thruxton. Not a victory, but instead a 3rd place finish. It’s a highlight because it was a touch, hard fought fight for 3rd between myself, Jason Uribe, Taz Taylor and Ed Rendell. I ultimately won that battle, but it was just great to be involved in such a battle with other riders I respect.

What do you do outside of racing?
I’m a jack of many trades! I’m a volunteer teaching assistant at a primary school but I also work as an exam invigilator at a secondary school. I also work events security, for example at Sheffield Arena.

I’m also a qualified skiing instructor.

What is your ambition for racing?
Ultimately, I’m 20 and I know this is a hobby for me. I’m not going to the next Valentino Rossi, so it’s about having fun, enjoying what I’m doing, and making small amounts of progress each round.

What do you do pre-race to prepare?
Unlike many others on the grid, I don’t have a routine I follow pre-race. I will probably have a lie down for 10 minutes just to completely relax and clear my mind, before getting changed and starting to really get my mind on the race.

But I won’t have need to jump up and down 13 times and visit the bathroom to a schedule, unlike Asher!

Do you have any idols?
It’s an obvious one, but it has to be Valentino Rossi. The reasons being the success he has had, but he’s just an awesome guy who is someone to look up to. He’s the epitome of a role model in motor bike racing.

What are your hobbies away from the track?
Skiing is my other passion. I do it weekly when I’m in the UK, but as I mentioned before I’m a qualified instructor so it’s something I’ll probably do more of in the future.

Favourite film?
Nothing specific really, but I like my comedies. I enjoy all sorts of films but given the choice, I’ll probably stick on a comedy. Adam Sandler films are usually pretty good, with the odd exception.

Music interests?
Asher and I have similar tastes when it comes to music. I’m into my hip-hop, RnB and rap, but I’ll listen to anything really.