Bradley Wilson is a 21 year old plumber from Derbyshire and is joining the team for the 2019 season on a standard Honda NSF.

Photo credit – MH Motorsport Photography.

How did you get into motorbike racing?

My uncle Hudson Kennaugh got me into motorcycle racing, seeing him win the superstock 100 championship in 2013 was amazing and from that moment I was hooked. From then on all I cared about was going to work for Hudson at BSB then he mentioned maybe I wanted to have a go…

Favourite circuit and why? 

Aberdare Park! There is literally nowhere like it. 363 days a year it’s a little welsh country park and for two days a year it transforms in to a mega little race circuit lined with trees and a duck pond to try and avoid! My team boss John Cresswell will tell you how much it hurts when you fall off there.

Racing Career Highlight and why?

My highlight of my racing career has to be beating my uncle Hudson, beating him fair and square at Darley Moor was an awesome feeling.

What do you do outside of racing? 

Outside of racing I’m pretty boring really. I work my backside off running my own business so that I can go racing! I like socialising with my friends and girlfriend and I also have a baby on the way!

Whats your ultimate ambition for racing?

Road racing, end of. I’m hooked. I understand the dangers and I understand that people must think I’m mad but I just can’t get it out of my head so until I go and do it then I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. I’d love to do the Manx GP one day so I’d say that’s my ambition.

Do you have a pre-race routine?

Go to the toilet about 18 times? I don’t have one really except from get super nervous  but all of that goes once I’m out on the bike.

Do you have any idols?

Idols… pains me to say it because he will never let me forget it but I’ve got to say my uncle is a pretty big idol in my eyes. That guy could put a shopping trolley on the top step.

What are your hobbies away from the track?

Hobbies? What are they? I work and race bikes! There’s not a lot of time between those two to do anything else! To be honest I like working on growing my business as sad as it sounds.

Favourite film? 

Black Hawk Down.

Music Interests? 

Bit of everything really! One week I’ll have Elton John blasting out the speakers the next I’m getting down and dirty to some ‘funky friday’ by Dave. I’m a mixed bag!