Asher Durham is an 18 year old from Derbyshire and Microlise Cresswell Racing’s Principal Rider.

Equipped in 2017 with a brand new bike from Mahindra, Asher will be hoping to achieve new levels of success this season.

Asher’s personal website can be found at

How did you get into motorbike racing?
I into it throughout my Dad, whose always been interested. He showed me motorbike racing when I was about 7 years and since then I’ve always been hooked. He bought me a motocross bike that Christmas and over the year we went out on that. Eventually I started racing mini-motos in 2009 and I’ve worked my way up to Moto3 where I am today.

Favourite circuit?
Assen in the Netherlands. It’s a really fun circuit that’s fast and flowing. It’s high speed and you can really keep up that speed into the corners.

Career highlight and why?
My first podium in 2014! It had been a tough season up to that point, but I’d switched over to Cresswell Racing just before the race. We only just about managed to pull everything together in time through a lot of hard work. I’d ridden the bike for the first time on the Wednesday but on the Sunday there I was on the podium. It was a great team effort and the podium finished was a great way to end those few days, but also my first weekend as part of the team.

What do you do outside of racing?
When I’m not racing, I work in construction doing building and maintenance work. I’m pretty focused on my racing that even when I’m at work, my attention is usually on my next track time!

What is your ambition for racing?
Ultimately, I want to be the best in the world and be a world champion in MotoGP. That’s the dream and I’m constantly working towards that aim.

Shorter-term, I’d like to finish in the top three in the Moto3 championship this year, but with the new Mahindra bike to bed in, we’ll have to see whether that’s possible this season.

Looking ahead, the aim is to move up to the junior world championship and test myself against international opposition.

What do you do pre-race to prepare?
Now there’s a question! I do have quite an odd pre-race routine, which I always try to follow as closely as possible. If anything changes for me, I try to focus on how that change might be positive, but the less change the better!

I start off with a quick trip to the bathroom, followed by a banana and a strong coffee without any sugar. Then the leathers go on, in a particular order of course, before the earphones go in for some pre-race music. Last but not least, I do some stretches…and then I’m ready to roll!

Do you have any idols?
Valentino Rossi is my idol and there are a few reasons. Firstly, he was riding when I watched my first race and probably won! Secondly, he’s still at the top now in his mid-thirties, which is impressive in terms of keeping that desire all that time.

Lastly though, he is focused on his profession and on his goals and it’s that focus that has given him so much success.

What are your hobbies away from the track?
My main hobby is riding my bike…a push bike. I like to get out for rides when I can. I used to enjoy skateboarding and BMX, but I’ve given those up due to the racing. The risk of injury is too high and I’d hate to impact my racing performance or miss a meeting because of an injury I could have avoided.

Favourite film?
In recent times, I’d say The Equalizer with Danzel Washington, but I don’t have a particular favourite of all time. I watch a lot of films, mainly to relax, and I watch all sorts.

Music interests?
I’m into my hip-hop, RnB and rap. I like all sorts of music and will listen to anything, but given the choice it’s definitely that sort of thing I’ll stick on. I’m listening to quite a bit of J. Cole at the moment.